Wild Essence is A portal for rebel wanderers to re-enchant their worlds. A place to dreamscape our wildest stories into flesh and bone. A canvas to embody our birth rites as creative vessels. We offer Online + In Person Experiences of embodiment, empowerment + enchantment.


For those who long for the unnamable more to cloak them in stories of wilder dreamscapes.

For those who choose to infuse curious awe into mundane moments.

For those who have always known there was “more” than meets the eye in this creaturely life.

For both those who choose to unravel in solitude, and those who sniff out a pack to run with.

[ PS: We use the K to differentiate between magic shows in Las Vegas and the Magick of the MORE, described below ]

We use the word Magick to refer to all things MORE.

+Synchronicities, signs and omen's that find us along the way,
+Miracles, and unexplainable 'impossibilities' that come to pass,
+Our ability to impact the path of our lives through choice and action, +Connection to the earth and all her dwellers, universe, cosmos, spirit.
+The experience of being human that is MORE than meets the eye.



The magickal practices we offer are not associated with any structured belief system, deity or denomination. They are fully based on our relationship to the land and our ancestry. You can believe in anything, and nothing and still receive so much from what we do.


Sovereign : The Rebel Ways of Radical Self-Awareness

The Rebel Ways of Radical Self-Awareness. 8 weeks of pre-recorded workshops, live session recordings, and homework assignments for integration, rituals, exercises + more.

I'm Ready


Essence of Magick : Witchery + Herbalism

This is your guide to discovering the magick that already lives within you, through tools and resources you can return to over and over again.

Let's Go


NOMAD : How to Build Financial and Locational Freedom.

How-to steps for anyone to begin or enhance making money online/ or in hybrid models, making a plan for location independence, and building a sustainable future outside conditioned social norms.

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Drench : Mystical Arts Practitioner intensive

For the Yoga Teachers, Healers, Body Workers, Energy Practitioners, Seers, and Mystics who desire to deepen, fine-tune, and amplify their magick. This re-ignites your WHY and offers you a nest for your own nourishment and incubation.

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